HOA Property Management

Residential Property Management

Plaza and its team of specialists conduct and oversee all daily administrative affairs of the Association. The key to Plaza's success is that it understands how properties are best administered, and the knowledge and expertise it has equips it to offer sound recommendations and deliver the best plan of action on behalf of the Association.

The Plaza organization grew out of service delivery and excelled on its ability to produce and expedite. Perhaps one of its greatest strength and value of service is Plaza's ability to anticipate the needs and expectations of the Association, and to resolve key issues as they develop. Plaza routinely does the following:

  • Correspond with Association leaders and representatives, and communicate Association information throughout the membership as directed.
  • Prepare meeting agendas and participate in official meetings of the Board of Directors, to help facilitate productive meetings.
  • Execute all Association directives.
  • Expedite all Association business.
  • Prepare all Board of Directors' notices.
  • Distribute all correspondence.
  • Attend Annual Association meetings and provide information to all unit owners.
  • Hire and supervise on-site personnel (superintendent, porter, etc.).
  • Coordinate outside contractors engaged by the Association.
  • Supervise and oversee all contracted services.
  • Establish semi-annual and annual preventative maintenance programs for all mechanical equipment.
  • Review any and all existing contracts now in force by the Association and make recommendations as needed.
  • All invoices reviewed and approved via the web by your treasurer.
  • Review all insurance programs.
  • Provide clear and simple monthly financial reports with days of month close.